Here’s The Typical Day Of This Bored Expat

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I just got back from a last minute trip to Miri, a Malaysian City on the island of Borneo over the long weekend.

It turned out to be of great quality as the trip brought me new experiences (writing a new record entering the biggest cave I have ever been in my life to date)… which I did not expect, especially all for only $200 SGD.  So I am writing a whole blog post on that to share my itinerary.

Today, let me share with you my typical work day as an expat, by its dictionary definition (more on this soon) living in the East Coast of Singapore, and working in the advertising industry:

5:00 AM The alarms from my two phones AND computer go off and shake my bedroom.

5:15 AM I finally won the most difficult battle of the day, and got off my bed after hitting the snooze button for a few times.

5:30 AM I review my backpack to make sure I’ve got everything in: work clothes, work stuff, gym attire, and house keys.

5:45 AM I leave my house and slowly walk, yawning my way to the East Coast Park, 300 metres away from my apartment building.

6:00 AM Breakfast part one. Most often than not, I’m the first customer at Mcdonalds (East Coast Park). Wearing sports attire in sexy lycra, I enter Macdonalds in slo-mo like a famous athlete. It annoys me slightly when I notice someone comes earlier. I am a sucker for Mcdonalds’ brewed coffee with milk. It’s $2.60, so I would end having the chicken sausage muffin meal instead for only $3.00. I would then put away half the muffin and cheese because I’m fecking healthy. Ah ha ha ha ha.

7:00 AM I am on the beach with my mini tripod waiting for the breathtaking sunrise at the East Coast Park.  I would film this in time-lapse, or photograph it — or both. And out of sheer bliss, I share some of them on social media, and predict that I’ve probably annoyed all my friends from around the world for the beautiful sunrise pics they see each day. They think I don’t work and can’t blame them.

7:10 AM If I am not running, I go Poké hunt for a Mobike bike, a bike sharing platform in Singapore. Then I get pissed off that the bikes are broken or that I would have to walk damn far to find a good one.

7:20 AM I begin my 10 KM morning spin or run to the Central Business District. With headphones on, I would sing my heart out as I move through the epicentre of Singapore’s famous Gardens By The Bay and awe-inspiring Marina Bay.

8:10 AM I reach the Marina Boulevard, where my run or cycling ends. I strut to the closest Fitness First gym for some muscle bashing, weights training session, just to remind my body that I still need my muscles. A necessity for people who do a lot of cardio, and don’t want to look like they have just escaped from a Nazi concentration camp.  Weird stares from guys aplenty as I enter the gym in lycra. How wonderful.

8:45 AM Shower. The very essence why I’m in the gym. Feels great to have my $155 monthly subscription justified.

9:00 AM Second breakfast. 4-5 pieces of hard boiled egg whites in a local coffee shop, or egg white wrap at Starbucks, or a protein bar. Decision hinges on my mood or feeling.

9:30 AM The morning grind at advertising industry commences. Not gonna bore you with work stuff, but I do digital things to make companies famous and attractive on the Internet and integrate emotion appeal on their content.

12:20 PM Solo hunt for lunch begins. Banned all shops within the 1 KM radius of my office, so I go with my studied air-conditioned, sheltered route going through multiple buildings and a train station. With 100% accuracy, I will end up in a salad shop, then in a chocolate store.

2:00 PM Back in the office for the afternoon grind. In the zone, I barely talk to anyone.

7:45 PM I leave my office. If I don’t have other appointments, I stroll around the CBD for a bit which quickly turns into a Mobike bike hunt again. On lazy nights, I take a bus home and have a satisfying 40-minute doze to repair my gassed out body and brain. Studying German if still energetic. At this stage, I have so many unrealistic plans on how to spend my night.

9:00 PM I arrive home, feeling so destroyed and so done for the day.

11:00 PM Still awake, browsing the Web, studying or watching strange stuff, on German language, social media, tech news and occasionally geeky stuff including documentaries on Einstein’s general theory of relativity.

12:00 AM I suddenly remember it’s not the weekend yet. So I force myself to turn the lights off and bring myself to bed.

That’s it, and the cycle continues.

What’s your daily routine?

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