Cheap Flights Out of Singapore for the Desperate

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Flying out via Changi airport gives the most comfort and convenience, but if you’ve only decided last-minute to have a weekend getaway and the flights from Singapore have become too expensive, here are alternative airports you could consider to find cheap flights.

Senai International Airport in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Located 2 hours away from Singapore’s northern border, Senai airport is my favourite alternative airport if flying via Changi is no longer feasible. It’s modern and connected to many great destinations within Malaysia in the peninsula and on Borneo Island. Internationally, Senai airport is also connected to Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, Bangkok in Thailand, Jakarta and Surabaya in Indonesia, and even China.

Here is a listing of destinations you could consider at Senai Airport.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

For the crazy and adventurous who can’t be stopped: Kuala Lumpur International Airport is yet another alternative airport you could fly out from to have your weekend getaway.

My suggestion is to take a night bus on Friday night to Kuala Lumpur International Airport from Johor Bahru. I’ve personally done this many times and it works.

Perhaps the only disadvantage is that you might lose some good night’s sleep, especially if you’re unable to sleep on the bus. But if the top priority is to have your holidays no matter what, then Kuala Lumpur International Airport gives you dozens of possible destinations over a normal weekend.

Hang Nadim Airport in Batam Island, Riau, Indonesia

Batam is the last on my list of alternative airports to fly out from if I am desperate to have a short weekend getaway out of Singapore. This airport is connected to many destinations in Indonesia.

You would need to take a ferry from Harbourfront to go there, spend a night in Batam and fly on a Saturday morning. I’ve tried this airport once when I travelled to the amazing, historical town of Pagar Alam via the city of Palembang in Southern Sumatra, Indonesia.

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